PGO is coming to Russia

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PGO is a unique sports car that preserves the traditions of design and technology. PGO was invented in 1980 in France by Gilles and Olivier Prévôt, whose initials formed the brand name. Being interested in retro cars, the brothers were successfully creating Porsche 356 replica — one of the brightest first sports cars. PGO is an overall nostalgia for the past. All cars are traditionally assembled by hand and are not burdened with complicated electronics. The brand has successfully occupied its niche and continues to gain popularity in Europe and China.

PGO car owners are people of different businesses, interests and ages seeking individuality and unique style. In addition to the external beauty PGO is extremely reliable and unpretentious in operation, so it is purchased for years. PGO gives its owners inspiration and let them feel the taste of real speed. Leather interior, glossy coating, chrome -plated parts — all this combined with great dynamics and familiar mechanical functions creates a sense of continuous communication with the car, bringing a real pleasure for the connoisseurs of aesthetics and drive.

PGO Production

Compared to the burgeoning holdings and corporations, PGO prefers to remain a small private company. PGO plant is located near the town of Ales, in the south of France. About 40 specialists work on site of 18,000 m2  producing just 100 cars a year.

PGO cars

The range consists of three models: Hemera, Speedster and flagship Cevennes. All models have the same chassis and rear engine, and differ mainly in body parts and interior trim. According to the agreement with the BMW Group since 2012 all cars are equipped with Mini Cooper S’s engine and gearbox with similar dimensions, which provides PGO with the essential sports dynamics and control on top level. Thus, PGO Cevennes is equipped with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine producing 184 hp, which accelerates the car to 100 km/h in just 6.4 seconds. For the connoisseurs of the exclusive PGO offers various additional options, color combinations of body and roof, as well as customized interior trim.

The average price of PGO cars in Russia is 3 million rubles. You can learn more about the cars and make a purchase from Konig Motor company, an official PGO dealer in Moscow. The first cars for sale and test-drive will be available in a showroom in June this year.

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